FAQ: How to find out what "shard" (cloud slice IDE URL) your Account / Location is on?

Thanks! The locks are working!


By the way, SmartThings has now updated to a single login. Just sign in to the address below and it will take you to the correct shard.



Great news! After over 4000 views of my FAQ, you’d think SmartThings would have shouted this tremedous improvement from the rooftops! … or at least, Tweet it. :bird:

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Live in the netherlands and installed a UK hub.
Works fine, but none of the url’ s listed finds my hub.

Any thoughts, advice.

PS When installing Smartthings App i set it to my real location in the Netherlands.

What happens when you login to: https://account.SmartThings.com and go to My Locations and click on your Hub???

Dont know wat i exactly did but my hub showed up. Thanks

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I now connected one normal bulb to a Xiamo power outlet. I succeeded switching it on with a ST motion sensor through a custom rule.
Question now is: '‘when does it turn off, because it stays on!!’'
Forgot something?

The same with the IKEA smart bulb.

Thanks again

Sorry for my impatience. Figured it out already through smart lighting.
Will be less impulsive in future!!

I’ve read your FAQ. Thanks so much for the help. I still cannot see ‘My Apps.’ Not sure how to fix this.

I accidentally created a device handler and enable github at wrong “shard” (https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/devices) instead of EU (https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com) I wanted to create an other one at the right shard but I can not find any “Settings” or “Enable GitHub integration” button under my device handlers menu. Is it some bug or I am really missing something? I would really appreciated if you could give me some advice.


Im all in in the NA04 shard - 0 problems. But im in EU, should i switch?! Thanks!!

No reason to switch.

This is absolutely awesome thankyou, I have everything set up (2 nest thermostats, protects (and a hello and cameras that are not supported))

I do have one problem though - how do I get the Nest Protect status to come though in the V2 SmartThings app? I can’t work out what equivalent device type to use.

I am most interested in getting motion notification data from the nest protects - can someone please help nudge me over the line and get this last bit working?

Thermostats work perfectly!

Cheers and great work!

That would be off-topic for this thread, but feel free to start your own thread in the devices section of the forum:


The short answer, though, is that unfortunately you can’t. There just isn’t any direct integration between the nest protects and smartthings at the present time. (I myself have nest protects and like them a lot. But they don’t work with SmartThings.)

You used to be able to get some indirect integration, but google shut down those avenues last year.

The one thing you can do is set up an acoustic sensor which listens for the sound of UL listed smoke alarms going off and trigger off of that. There is a Z wave version, the ecolink fire fighter, Which works well with smartthings. So as long as it could hear the nest protect alarm, you could use that to, say, turn lights on through smartthings.

I don’t know if that would meet your needs or not. But again, if you have any additional questions that are not about signing in to the IDE, please start a new thread or join one of the existing threads about the device you were interested in. Thanks! :sunglasses:


Thanks for the pointers, I finally worked out that the V2 app doesn’t display all of the underlying data. to get around this i used webcore instead.

I now have the motion data from the nest protects acting as motion triggers in all three rooms in my house with smoke alarms and its working AMAZINGLY. thanks for making this available I am so happy - I was about to go out and buy more sensors!

What integration are you using to get your Nest data into SmartThings?

I am using Racine’s MyNextManagerV2. it was a bit of a pain to set up as I am using Google Authentication rather than nest but the amount of data it surfaces over the API is amazing.

the motion sensor triggers are pulled though via webcore using an"auto_away is ‘true’" piston that updates a virtual Motion Sensor which is then used by Smartthings.

its a really neat setup - motion is detected right away, then Nest changes the auto_away status to false for 600 seconds.

This setup has enabled me to use the nest protects as security devices which is pretty amazing as they are already hard wired into the mains and installed centrally in each room


finally sorry for posting this in the wrong thread I had multiple tabs open at the time. will continue comments on another thread if useful not to hijack this thread.

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I’m in the same situation…