New SmartThings Cloud Shard(s)! NA04


( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #1

Just thought I’d share a discovery that I don’t think was announced…

SmartThings has apparently created at least one more Shard (well… I actually presume 2 new Shards or more).

  • Previously only Shards I knew of, I referred to by short names: NA01, NA02, EU01, (and AP01 Asia Pacific discontinued).
  • Tonight I was diagnosing an issue with a new ActionTiles user, and discovered he was on “NA04” =
  • I presume there must be an NA03; but I have not made any attempt to find it. It’s like hunting for Easter Eggs … or the lost Ark?
  • EDIT: I’m told there is no NA03, but there is an AP02, by a SmartThings contact. No explanation yet as to why this isn’t shared in an Announcement to us in the Community…

###For more information on SmartThings Cloud Shards (i.e., “clusters” or “slices”), please see…

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