FAQ: Full list of buttons and remotes confirmed to work with SmartThings [Not all devices listed work with the 2020 Platform]

I hear ya. I do wish mine lasted longer, because the form factor of the button is perfect for so many needs!

Anyone know of a single zwave button that is available in the US market?

I have been using the IRIS SmartButton (zigbee), but having a problem with it not staying connected to the hub. I’m using it currently to trigger a zwave wall plugin switch that has a lamp connected to it.

Half the time the smart button requires you to push it multiple times, which then seems to queue up the presses once it wakes up and the light goes crazy for a couple seconds… Other times, it will do nothing. I have had to re-pair it when this happens.

I feel like zwave is more stable in my house… being that I have plenty of repeaters in place.

Posts 46 and 51 above, although the reviews on 51 haven’t been great.

Posts 86 and 87 below are single zigbee buttons which might also be worth considering unless you need something with direct association.

thanks for the links… That fibaro button has a pretty nice video on their website, but I also saw some of the bad reviews on it. They are proud of their product @$50 a pop.

Here’s one for the list…not quite available to test yet…but as it’s it’s Z-Wave certified I assume it would work fine. It’s another expensive remote though!

Available for pre-order at Vesternet

I can confirm the xiaomi button works really well for now using the DTH below. I got them for under £5 each and the build quality is quite good.

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I am currently looking at the ABB / Busch Jaeger ZigBee Light Link remotes
I didn’t get one of those yet, but will certainly play with one soon… They certainly look promising…


They have a large choice of switch/dimmer/remote module.
they come with a large choice of faces and finishes to suit your décor. The switches can be labelled and have a discreet status LED build in.
The remotes can be battery powered and glued to the wall (without any needs for altering the wall or fitting a wall box, just glue it on a flat surface, that simple)
An optional power supply is also possible to replace an existing switch (the power supply fit inside a standard switch wall box).

I spoke to ABB and these are standard ZigBee Light Link compliant devices and should work with any ZLL ZigBee controller…

Personally, I have a large room with 4 LED zones to control. All my bulbs are OSRAM Lightify. I already control them/zones via Smartthing (and my harmony Elite). For convenience, I want to add a wall mounted remote.
I am looking at getting a 4 button +/- remote module (6737) in stainless steel.

But ST doesn’t support ZLL, right?


SmartThings uses the ZHA profile.

The standard requires that the ZLL bulbs fall back to A ZHA profile when connected to a ZHA coordinator, but the same is not necessarily true of ZLL switches, and even if it does, it’s common for devices other than bulbs to have the ZHA profile on a separate endpoint, which means a custom device handler will be required. In some cases, community members have spent months trying to get such a DTH built.

Satechi Bluetooth Button (US) (Requires Android device and Tasker)

If you have an android device with Tasker as a controller, there are several Bluetooth buttons that you can use as a cloud to cloud integration.

One community member used the Satechi, a $30 elegant button, to add an under the counter controller for kitchen LEDs. Although the button’s own app will work with an iPhone, if you want to get SmartThings integration you have to have android and Tasker.

And here’s the full project report. Remember that the android controller has to be within Bluetooth range of the button or it won’t work. So if you just use your phone, the button will only work while that particular phone is home.

There are probably Bluetooth buttons available in the UK that could work with tasker in the same way.

Securifi Almond Click Button, zigbee home automation (US only for now)

This is a very simple button, at the time of this writing sold only in a three pack. No temperature or humidity monitoring. Click, double click, and long press events.

List price is $49.95 for the three pack when bought through Amazon, but it has occasionally been offered for less on the manufacturer’s site, so check there as well.


Although the product description says IFTTT support, that is when paired to their own controller. When paired to SmartThings, you would use the regular SmartThings IFTTT channel for it.

Requires a custom DTH:

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Xiaomi Smart Switch Button, Zigbee (From China, ships to both the US and Europe)

This is another very inexpensive device from Xiaomi, typically selling for nine dollars or less. Xiaomi is a very large consumer products company in China. This device is part of their home automation line and is intended for the Chinese market, but Gearbest has been importing it for about six months and some community members have it working with SmartThings. It’s a little bigger than the iris smart button, but round.

Shipping can take up to a month, pairing can be fiddly, and it’s not officially certified for ZHA, but it’s hard to beat the price.

It will need a custom device type handler:


Thanks! Just ordered 4.

(US) Also, since this question has come up a couple of times in the threads on the new SmartThings/Lutron integration…

If you are using the official integration, the Lutron multibutton devices, called pico’s, Will work to control your Lutron lights, but The pico’s themselves will be invisible to SmartThings, so you can’t use the buttons for anything else.

If this is of interest, you will need the pico models that work with the Lutron Caseta line. There are a number of different models with different button arrangements. They also come in several colors and can be used in a wall mount or handheld.



If you have a Lutron SmartBridge pro rather than the regular Lutron smart bridge, there is a community created integration which would let you use the pico’s in a way that SmartThings would know about the button pushes , but that one requires also setting up a raspberry pi as a “man in the middle” server. So there are some community members using it, but you do need a strong technical background.


Just to add to what @JDRoberts said, my integration does allow Picos to act as button devices in ST. And actually I’m currently testing a new version that is vastly easier to install. It still needs an always on device like a raspberry pi or your PC but the setup takes just a few minutes now. I hope to test a little more and release it soon.


Adding the Fibaro keyfob

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Has anyone come across this device?


Going to be a bit tricky to integrate it with SmartThings and keep the app in sync. It’s intended as a standalone local controller.

ZWC-K8 Wall Mounted Controller doesn’t support Z-Wave network administration and scene activation features. Can work only through direct association with controlled device.

It says the opposite in the instruction manual!

“The Wall Controller does not support Z-Wave network administrator features and will always need a Master Z-Wave network controller to be included into a Z-Wave network.”

It’s not a primary controller, which is why it needs to be part of the network established by another controller. Being added to that network is what allows it to control the end devices, the actual lights, but it does that through association in five different association groups. It’s not using central scene commands.

So you’d have to add the SmartThings hub to each of the five association groups and deal with it like a button controller.

I honestly don’t know whether SmartThings let you add the hub to two different association groups for the same device or not.

But let’s take further discussion of this specific device to a new thread just about that device, we’re kind of getting off topic for this FAQ, which is just supposed to have links to buttons and remotes which are already known to work with smartthings. :sunglasses: