Is there a button press device I can add?

(Mike Kelley) #1

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but what I’d like to add is some kind of button to my Smart Home so that if I press it certain lights will turn on. I can use the Rule Machine but I don’t know what or if there is some hardware button that is supported.

TIA for any ideas.

(Mike Kelley) #2

Ah, nevermind, I found the Aeon Labs one in the ST list (now just need to be sure it will work with the Rule Machine – pricey, though, but whatever…)


There are several possible devices that will work as button controllers.

(Stephan H.) #4

Don’t know if the deal is still alive but see it below for $15

It regularly goes on sale for this price. Just keep an eye out.

(Stephan H.) #5

Also… I use this with the Smart Lighting App to do a lot of things, including turning my bedroom lights on and off and setting them to a certain dim level.