FAQ: CONFIRMED: Local Processing - Working Device Handlers

There are two ways this can work with the cloud element. All actions are carried out on the device, with all the software downloaded to it, then when something happens it updates the cloud. This means the cloud is just a check/balance thing, and would allow external stuff, ifttt, etc. I wish it was this way.

The second way is to have the cloud be the conductor, with only the bare essentials happening locally. This wouldn’t work with everything on the device, and trying to have logic on it as well, the delay to the cloud and back would cause all manor of havoc.

I would LOVE all the DTH’s to be in the device, and CoRE ;), but honestly I don’t see that happening, too many more moving parts and possible troubles.


Here’s the discussion thread for the details of local processing. I agree we shouldn’t clutter this thread with those. :sunglasses:

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That was the originally intended design, but couldn’t be implemented. Instead, the Hub uses a monolithic firmware of sorts that has all supported local code hard-compiled so it is the same for everyone.

But that makes it too big (and risky) to include arbitrary DTHs and SmartApps and, so far, no way to customize for individual customers.


I’m interested in local processing. However, I don’t know where to start.
How can I ;

  • find out if my hub supports local processing ?
  • how can I change my devices & apps to local processing ?
  • find out advantages/disadvantages ?


My minimote is not running locally. Can you tell me how you got your’s to work locally?

If you have the V2 version of the hub (The current model), it supports a very limited amount of local processing. The V1 version of the hub does not support local processing at all.

The only app that can run locally at present is the official smartlighting feature, and then only if that Smart lighting automation is using devices that have a device type handler which is eligible to run locally and not using any device type handlers which are not eligible to run locally. See the list at the top of this thread for the ones that are eligible to run locally.

Also, some of the smart home monitor features run locally, but not all of them.

Nothing else runs locally. No custom code, no custom device type handlers, no other Smartapps.

If you set up a smart lighting automation that uses only devices using the device type handlers mentioned at the top of this thread, it should run locally. That’s it.

To keep from cluttering up this FAQ thread, I suggest taking any follow-up questions (other than the specifics of which device type handlers run locally) to the discussion topic for local processing:

It should run locally if you’re using the stock device handler. If you are using any of the enhanced button controller Device type handlers, it won’t run locally.

This is running locally for me:

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Thanks. You were correct. I had switched them to a custom device handler along with my Cree bulbs during the last outage. Now they are back on standard DH.

Rebooted my hub remotely and now they are all showing locally. Will explore my other devices and see what else I can fix.

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Thanks JDRoberts.

I’d like to ask some follow up questions; where can I post them ?

for example

  • What does “my minimote isrunning locally” mean ? (since the minimote is using a button controller app, and that app is not an app running locally - not Smart Lighting Automation)
  • How can I understand if my minimote (or other device) is running locally or not ?
  • And what is the main advantage of running locally ? (does that mean , it will run even the HUB is not connected to internet)
  • When new devices and smartapps are supported for local processing, how shall we be notified ?

Post your follow-ups in the following thread (this is a clickable link)

Since there’s not an official list now, I’d guess we won’t be notified. :disappointed_relieved: Will just have to figure it out on our own, as @xtropy has done.

Or maybe someday there will be a list, there’s no telling.

There hasn’t been any official comment one way or another.

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OP says he has personally tested that these show up in the “LocalDevice List”

Where is that list ? How can I see ?

Try these.

Local Devices:
US: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/
UK: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/localDevice/

Local SmartApps:
US: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/
UK: https://graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com/localInstalledSmartApp/

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The Exact link depends on which “shard” your account is associated with.

The community – created wiki keeps the full list, so check there


That list is incomplete. The community – created wiki has the full set and will update as more are added in the future, so it’s best to check there:


ok. but if there is a list I can see within my own devices , I want to look at them.
how ?

Follow the link I already gave you. It will tell you exactly what to do.

Here it is again.


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Looks like the latest GIT commits are starting to add local/cloud processing notes in the code. Should make this easier to keep this list updated in the future:

Also a number of the listed DTH’s in my original post are now depreciated:

Removed the following locally processed devices as they no longer exist/depreciated after CHANGE-751 applied in GIT above:

CentraLite Dimmer
SmartSense Motion/Temp Sensor
SmartSense Open/Closed Accelerometer Sensor

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Does this mean the SmartSense Motion sensor no longer runs local?!

No, it’s the ss motion/temp sensor. Please refer to my first post for the list of local device types that are working.

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