FAQ: Change Samsung Connect mesh router (ET-WV521) to hub only?

Just curious if I’m able to "downgrade " my connect mesh to be a smartthings hub only? I’m looking at changing mesh around but instead of buying a new smartthings hub would like to switch the mesh tk be a hub only is this possible?


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I’m not 100% sure, but I believe you can do this by using it in bridge mode. This will allow it to connect to an existing network rather than trying to run the network on its own.


One other thing: it’s not clear to me whether that model hub has any local processing capabilities, it may require an active connection to the smartthings cloud for all operations. Where the other models can at least run smart lighting automations with some devices locally. But you would need to confirm that. :thinking:

I have it in bridge mode currently however it still is broadcasting the wifi I want to use it as a smartthings hub only totally kill the wifi on it as has 3 hubs I want to use 1 only and let the mesh wifi be controlled by another system.

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Ok so I have done some deep research and found a solution. I can delete the 2 sub hubs. And on main kill wifi. As the main hub is the smartthings hub.

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Since the 3 nodes are identical. Can I reset all of them and use each one as an ST hub?

I believe so. The main hub is the smartthings portion as ive read if you don’t want to redo settings. I’ll be tackling this project today and let you all know if I succeed or lose my mind

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So I have removed 2 hubs killed wifi on connect and no issues. I left the main hub didn’t reset or anything.

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Hi, what menu is this in? For the life of me I can’t find this menu.
Or any other way to disable WIFI

I clicked on the hub and disabled there I can upload a video if needed

Do you have a v3 hub? I can’t see the option at all. I’ll feel stupid if it’s something simple

Not sure mine is connect mesh I know that

Just to be sure we’re all talking about the same thing, smartthings had two different Wi-Fi mesh routers.

  1. Samsung Connect Home. Only has one logo on it, “Samsung.“ Does not use plume. Now discontinued.


  1. Samsung SmartThings WiFi Mesh Router with plume. Has two logos on it, “Samsung and “smartthings.“ Uses plume for network management. Current model.


These have very different management screens.

This thread is about the first model, the one with only one logo. There is a different thread about the other model.

Mine Is connect home (1st pic)

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I have the ET-WV525 / ET-WV525KWEGUS.
3 unit mesh/plume system.

Did you ever find a way to turn off the wifi?

I really want to do that… rather than getting a new Aeotec hub and trying to migrate/recreate…

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Yes if you click on the name of the wifi in there can be done I’ll upload a few pics

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I have the ET-WV525 and there is No such setting.
Been thru this search many, many times.
Believe the difference is this model’s wifi is managed by Plume, which I have seen many try and turn off without success.

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