How to disable wifi on smartthings wifi

You can only now get the smartthings wifi hub and the old non-wifi hub is not available. I already have a well-tuned, high-performance wifi system and want to turn off the wifi in the hub. I cannot find anything that disables the wifi but would like to turn this off or the strength down so it doesn’t interfere with my existing network.

what is the model of the hub?

there is the v3 hub that has ethernet and wifi that allows it to connect to your existing network. Other wifi devices do not connect to this model.

there is the samsung smartthings wifi mesh with plume.

this is the recommended hub that I would recommend at this point…

if you purchased the wifi mesh hub with plume, you should return it :slight_smile:

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As @jkp noted, at this point the Aeotec hub is the replacement for the V3 hub. In fact they are essentially the same device, just with a different logo.

Samsung has decided it no longer wants to be in the business of selling and supporting smartthings branded hardware, so they are turning that over to other partners. They will continue to offer the app and the cloud platform.

Official announcements in the following thread. ( The topic title is a clickable link.)

No one has said anything about the Wi-Fi router model and it’s already several firmware versions behind the other model, so it looks to me like it will probably be discontinued, although no one has said that officially.

Certainly if I personally was going to buy a new smartthings compatible hub now, I would get the Aeotec version.

Here’s the Aeotec announcement:

This wasn’t available 2 months ago, and Samsung directs people to the wifi hub. So I have the hub already, just want to turn off the wifi.

Understood. Try this thread:

Change Samsung Connect mesh router to hub only?

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This is for the Samsung Connect. OP asked about SmartThings Wifi - different model altogether.

I do understand that, but the support page is the same link for both models.

And the home automation platform side is the same.

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