Fan & Light Switch for Kichler Lucian

Hello All,

I just moved into a new home and have slowly been installing my upgrades. The home builder installed three Kichler Lucian fans. Each wall controller has 5 buttons:

  1. Light Toggle
  2. Fan Off
  3. Fan Low
  4. Fan Med
  5. Fan High

They installed these same models throughout all the homes in the neighborhood. After we began moving in … suddenly we all had haunted fans & lights … randomly turning off and on all the time. LOL. Turns out, the controller uses RF to control the fan & light. No authentication or security, just open. No pairing. And we’re all on the same operating frequencies. Getting new ones of my choice.

I looked up the manufacture specs, and I don’t see any “smart home” controllers or upgrades for these fans sold by Kichler. I’ve already invested in GE/Jasco in-wall switches and outlets, so I’d like to stick with those.

The problem is that … the fan controls and lighting switch are both in a single-gang profile … and I’m not seeing anything on the market that can do this.

The fan, product manual, and included controller are linked below:

Any suggestions?

See the Fan FAQ. It lists the SmartThings – compatible options. (Although it says Alexa in the topic title, it applies whether you are using Alexa or not. )