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My wife doesn;t like the light/fan controller otions for switches as they are not plain old toggel switches. are there any products that I could replace the switch with a button controller (like a ge toggle) and pass-thru the AC to the light fan and have a zwave dimmer control the light and another control the fan?

I have already tried the hampton bay fan light controller and it works but she hates the switch as it is hard to find the light button.

I installed a (non-smart) Hampton Bay in-wall controller and had a similar complaint. We stuck a clear rubber bumper on the light button and the problem went away.

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Quite a few people use two GE switches side by side, the light switch model for controlling the light and the fan model to control the fan. This works very well as long as you’re OK with a double gang switch.

See option 2 in the FAQ:


But I like @MarkTr 's bumper idea very much-- I would try that first. :sunglasses:

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Hmmm This bumper switch solution might just make my wife happy if that is possible… :>