Qubino and Ceiling Fan (UK)

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I’m looking for a module to help me control my ceiling fan speed, my friend recommended me the Qubino Z-Wave Flush Dimmer Plus ZMNHDD1 but am not sure if there’s any available DH around for this module. Are there any more used modules that you guys use for controlling ceiling fan with 3 speed? Appreciate your advice pls :slight_smile: Thank you

There is 433mhz fan controller and remote (light + 3 speed) - simply use a RF blaster, except it isn’t 2-way.

Using the dimmer to control your ceiling fan may be dangerous. Please see this thread.

It’s true that in general you should not use a dimmer designed for light to control a variable speed motor like a fan.

However, and this only applies to the UK, there are now some universal dimmer micros coming out which can be used to control some, but not all, variable speed fans provided the current draw is low enough.

The Qubino is one possibility and also the new aeotec nano ( but not the older Aeotec dimmer).

Again, this would only apply in the UK, don’t try it in the US.

I would talk to vesternet tech-support about any specific fan model that you are considering. They are generally very helpful.


And again, this applies to UK devices only. Not US devices. :sunglasses::uk: The US versions are generally only spec’d for Lighting Control.

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See also the following thread:

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Just to chip in - although the Qubino and Aeon dimmers say that they will control fans, we’ve had clients blow up their ceiling fans trying.
Honestly, if/when they work they make a lot of noise and generally don’t work well.
The best option would either be finding a ceiling fan with a speed controller that can take a 0-10v input and using the Qubino Flush 0-10V module - or finding a pure DC motor and using a DC dimmer.

Trying to ‘Dim’ AC to a fixed coil AC motor is dangerous - either to your wallet by breaking the fan or the module, or your house by starting a fire.


Reply from Aeotec

Hi Candy,

Unfortunately I cannot suggest our Nano Dimmer with any fan loads especially with the ones listed. It is compatible with inductive loads such as fan loads, but most fans do not accept dimming by variable voltage levels. For this case, I can only suggest using Nano Switch for ON/OFF use instead.

If you do plan to test Nano Dimmer, as soon as you hear any buzzing noise, make sure that you do not keep it powered, the buzzing noise indicates that the fan Motor isn’t compatible with the Nano Dimmer method of dimming. If in this case, the Nano Dimmer can damage then fan load.

Chris Cheng
Field Application Engineer
Aeon Labs

Message Body:
Hi Aeotec Support
I hope that I have writing to the right correspondence.
I am planning to purchase the Z-Wave Plus Aeotec Nano Dimmer AEO_ZW111-EU and was wondering if it is compatible with controlling my ceiling fans? Below are the model of my ceiling fans:

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Well, that hardly seems “fit for purpose” given their UK advertising. :disappointed_relieved: I guess as long as they say “select fans” and then they give the response that @kittykitty received to individual inquiries, they may be legally OK, but it doesn’t seem like good business practice.

How do I tell from the specification of the fan if it is 0-10v input?