Family section disappeared from dashboard

(Blake Middleton) #1

I added a presence sensor, and the family button on the dashboard is now gone. I’ve tried forcing the app to close and reopen app, but it didn’t help. I have an android phone, but the same thing happens on my iPad app. How do I get it back?

(Amauri Viguera) #2

This happened to me before and the only way to fix it was to remove the item and add it back, then it magically re-appeared.

(Blake Middleton) #3

Yeah, I figured it out, and got it back. Thanks.


Can you guys explain how you got it back in a little more detail? It’s gone and I’m not sure what you did, and did you have to do it on every phone? It seems to be gone from both. I’d rather not reset everything to get it back. But I miss my notifications on when folks get home. Thanks!