Motion section on dashboard & related alerts gone

Not sure this is the best area to post this, but the “Motion” section of my dashboard keeps disappearing.
I noticed it gone last week, and then I recreated it by adding an alert for motion sensors I normally monitor.That seemed to fix it over the weekend, but now I see that the Motion section is again gone!

And related to this (cause or effect?) I am not getting notifications of motion for the relevant sensors.

Suggestions for a “permanent” fix would be appreciated.

Weird! Report it to and they should be able to track it down for you.

To circle back and close this - found the permanent fix, which involved “reprogramming” my wife :smile:
Turns out she had disabled the specific event notification on her phone’s ST app, which in turn also disabled them on mine. When I re-enabled them, she would re-disable (since she found the notifications obnoxious).

Prior to that I had never realized/understood that push notifications were common to all users on an account (confirmed by ST support), I guess I assumed each instantiation of the app’s settings affected only that specific user. I suggested to the support person this should be an option not default behavior, and better advertised. In our case, the workaround was to disable banner notifications for the ST apps on her iPhone.

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