Dashboard Home & Family incorrect

I turned in a ticket (nobody at ST has gotten) back. Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this.

I have 4 family members phone’s registered as presence devices. The Dashboard says under Home & Family (2 not present, 1 Present). That’s not the 4 I have registered. If I drill down into Home & Family, I see all four family members (currently it’s correctly showing 2 present and 2 not present). Anyone else’s Dashboard not reporting correctly?

This is the one of the reasons we discontinued these dashboard sections. They were never 100% reliable. Most of the time if you just let the app run it will sort itself out. How about the “Family” section in the app under the “My Home” section? Does that display the correct values?

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Thanks Tim. Mine still has the Dashboard so I didn’t realize it was discontinued. If I go under the “Family” section, it does show my environment correctly.

Yeah, we didn’t remove it retroactively but new ones cannot be installed currently.

We plan to fix/provide a new solution for glance-able information in the future.