False indicators from Somfy RTS to Zwave bridge

I am using the SOMFY ZIRTSI bridge to control my hurricane shades. Was able to include the ZIRTSI into my ST mesh network.

  1. included the base node (worked great)
  2. included 15 out of 16 virtual nodes (worked great)
  3. programmed the RTS motors to each virtual node (worked great)
  4. can operate each shade individually through ST. (worked great)

I get “false” readings back. When I move the desired screen, it moves fine, but the ON/FF led on my phone toggles for ALL shades. In other words, it is giving me feedback as if ALL shades are ON.
It’s impossible to tell the position of any shade (up or down) without physically looking out the window to see the shade.
Can anyone explain or help?