Weather Station Device & Somfy Awning with ZIRTSI-II Z-Wave Bridge

I have two Somfy Awnings controlled by one ZIRTSI-II Z-Wave Bridge for Home Automation Systems. I can control them just fine through the Smartthings app. I installed the Weather Station Device as per attached screenshot. Now the goal is to write an automation to close the awnings if the wind exceeds x or it rains or at least send me a reminder the awning is open if wind is x or rain. I can see all the weather details I’d need at “My Devices” however on the app the information is very limited - see 2nd screenshot. Any advise? Thank you

More details will come to the new app later on. The DH has been updated, but there is no information yet when it will be live. @dckirker, can you shed some light on this.

Check out webCoRE. I use to have a piston that did the same but when some weather changes were made last year, I never got around to updating.