Fading in/out GE Smart Dimmer Z-Wave Plus 14294

I recently installed a GE dimmer and the switch works great. The dimming even works great, but I am struggling with using the smart dimming features of the switch. If I use the app to change the brightness level, it jumps straight to that brightness, rather abruptly. I would expect it to smoothly transition from the first brightness to the second one.

I have also tried to fade in and out, using Stringify to manage the fade. If I do the transition quickly, the fade is very incremental, with noticeable steps every few seconds. If I increase the fade over one hour, I get the same noticeable steps, but they are just every few minutes instead of every few seconds.

I have tried using a couple different device handlers to modify the parameters, but I haven’t had success with eliminating this jerky fade. I’m comfortable saying that the light bulbs are capable of handling the fade because I can fade in and out very well by holding the paddle up or down.

I have found many threads where users are experiencing similar issues, but those we all older and don’t seem to have been resolved. One thread mentioned that a user spoke with GE/Jasco and that it was related to a firmware issue in 3.0E, but they expected it to be fixed in 5.0. I checked and mine has 5.0b, but I haven’t been able to find any threads that address any similar issue with this new firmware.

I’m looking for anyone who can offer some help or advice with smooth transitioning for this dimmer.

Thank you

I am have the same issue. I would like a little more control with the fade rate. Trying to set up a living room to watch tv and I would like the lights to fade slower.


That’s how mine behave too. Never gave it much thought. Not sure if it’s a feature or a bug!