Fade in, Fade out LED light strips

(Travis Muszynski) #1

I have a LED light strip that I have plugged into a smart outlet. Right not it works great but it just turns on/off abruptly. How can I have the LEDs fade in and the fade out the the are powered up and powered down?

(LJ) #2

I would use RM with a recursive rule


(Travis Muszynski) #3

I’m not sure I can do this with an LED light strip that uses a power supply plugged into an outlet. It would need to have some sort of smartthings controller dimmer wired in between the power supply and the light strip. Does something light that exist?

(LJ) #4

My bad, I thought it was like a hue led strip where you could use it like a dimmer. Sorry, I don’t think it’s possible. Maybe someone will have an idea.



The problem is the default state of the led. Most light bulbs and led strips default to on. So when they receive power they revert to full brightness. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to use them with a smart outlet… As you would never know what state would occur with the power being turned back on.

They do make zigbee and zwave led controllers but you would want those plugged into always in outlets so they wouldn’t lose connection all the time.

(Travis Muszynski) #6

That would be fine. Do you have a recommendation for an LED controller? I can plug into a dumb outlet.


I have this Zigbee controller. Right now I only have it connected to Hue but you should be able to use with SmartThings.



I use the same zigbee controller las las_atx does above. However, since I want mine to come on with another light on a switch it is a bit slow for my use. I do like the controller otherwise. There is a community device type handler published here on the forums that allows the control of both the RGB and RGBW.

Another device is the fibaro controller that is Z-wave instead. http://www.fibaro.com/us/the-fibaro-system/rgbw-controller I’m going to try one of those next as it should be faster in my system. I’ll then move the FLS over to an area that I know the kids will love the RGB control and effects.

There is no need to have a hue bridge or hub either. You can connect the FLS directly to ST if you use the community device handler. I’m not sure if there is any difference in functionality as I have never tried a hue hub with it.

(Bernie H) #9

I know the Osram strips do this when linked to ST using the Hue RGB DH. It’s a nice feature


I have my “dumb” LED rope light connected to a dimmer outlet and whenever I turn them on or off, they automatically fade up or down to my set level. If you want longer dimming, then there are ways to do that using Rule Machine.

(Travis Muszynski) #11

Interesting. What LEDs and power supply are you usings? It was,my understanding that most power supplies only like to have full power. I didn’t realize you could run a dimmer with them.

Has anyone else ran this setup?


I’m using 120v LED lighting and it works quite well with the dimmer. In fact, you almost need a dimmer because it’s so bright.