LED strip dimming at low levels with an RGBW controller


I connected a 24V RGBWW LED strip to a Fibaro RGBW controller (FGRGBWM-441) which I am using together with SmartThings V2. However, the dimming is not working very well on low dim levels. At 1% it is still relatively bright. Since I want to use the strip behind my bed in the master bedroom, it shouldn’t be too bright. Is the LED strip the cause, or the controller?

If it is the controller, could you please recommend any other controller which would handle it better?

Does it even make sense to have such a bright LED strip and dim it, from an energy consumption perspective?

From what I’ve seen, the Philips Hue LED strips do a good job at dimming, but I would rather not invest that much in a new strip when I already have a 10 meter long one that I am currently not using for anything…

It’s usually the strip, not the controller. Do you know the brand and model number of it?

Hi JDRoberts!

Appreciate your reply.
I see, I thought I was getting a premium strip…

Sure, it’s this one:
Hi-Line HL-24VRGBWW12-IP00-10M
Link to Hi-Line