EZ Multi Pli change color led

I have an EZMultiPli that has switched over to the Z-wave sensor driver. It works now but I can’t get the color to change on the led. It will only shine white. If I try to change the color it will turn off but show as on. I tried to switch it to the HSM200 driver but I can’t switch the driver. Any ideas on how to change the colors of the led. I use it for notifications. It works but just as a white light.

I use for exactly the same purpose and starting having issues a few weeks ago. I also use the luminance reading to trigger routines and it’s stopped working as well. I also tried installing the HSM200 driver, but it didn’t show up as a choice when attempting to change the driver. Let me know if you find a solution.

I bought a new open box HSM200. It linked with the hsm200 driver right away and the color led works. I’m keeping the older one and am going to put it somewhere else. Sorry wish I had a better answer.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I did the same and the HSM200 also linked with the Homeseer driver. I can now correctly control the status light and read illuminance.

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