Remote control outside dimmer

I have outside 120 V LED outside lights I’d like to control with a remote. I want to be able to dim them, and set a time when they always turn off.

Because it’s smartthings, all you need is a controller for the lights that talks to a smartthings hub and a dimmer switch that talks to the smartthings hub.

What country are you in? The device selection does vary.

In any case, there are two basic methods.

  1. you can use a regular dumb switch which is rated for outdoors, and then put a micro controller on the circuit somewhere, even inside the house, and that makes the switch smart. I think this is probably the most common way to do it.
  1. The other way is to use an intermediary like a hue hub. This will let you use a few additional devices that don’t work with smartthings. The switch will be invisible to smartthings, but it doesn’t matter, because smartthings can still control the lights if you added a controller for those.

I’ll admit my favorite outdoor dimmer switch is one that will work with a hue hub. It’s made by Senic and is batteryfree. IP44 rated. Comes in white or black. It will be invisible to smartthings, but it will serve as a parallel means of control through a hue bridge.

I have a couple of these, and really like them.

But if you want to use the first method, you still have a lot of choices. :sunglasses: