Extension lead with 4 to 6 zwave oulets that can be individually controlled

Im looking for an extension lead that has 4 to 6 individually controlled outlets on it.
I’ve had a good rummage around the web and the only thing that keeps appearing is a Greenwave one but when I cannot find anyone selling one.
Vesternet has a dead link and Amazon does not have any in stock or when they will be available.
Amyone have any ideas?

Zooz has one. Zen20 I use it and it works pretty good after a custom DTH and the Sync App.

US only by the looks of it.

Awww, didn’t see that region. Sorry.

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In a case like this, the best place to start is the official zwave alliance products website.


Unfortunately, for the EU the only certified products in this device class are the ones from Greenwave, and, as you’ve noticed, everybody is out of stock on those so it appears that they are being discontinued. It’s possible that greenWave will eventually bring out a new Z wave plus model, but nothing’s been certified yet.

And Aeon Labs did not certify their version for the EU region, probably because there are different safety standards and it is more challenging to make a multi socket device for the EU.

So I think it likely that you’ll need to solve this Use case in a different way.

Thanks for the replies.
I could put a swiidinter into each item I plug into the extension sockets but that would get expensive.
I won’t touch the Sonoff in line switches with a barge pole as I’ve had one of these fail and it was getting extremely hot. Lucky I caught it in time.
I was hoping to pick up an extension lead with zwave outlets as this would work out much cheaper.
Hey ho. Never mind.

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Any UK compatible extension leads that work with Smartthings yet? I see a few on Amazon that work with Alexa.

If it works with IFTTT you can get it working in SmartThings to a certain degree. I’ve done this with a Meross multi gang and it works fine.

It doenst do state reporting (so if it’s switched off on the device, it won’t uodate SmartThings to say it’s off), and the delay is 10-15 seconds while the command goes around to IFTTT etc, but fine for basic control of things.

Worth a look

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