Extending smarththings wifi network with a smarththings hub v3

Hey guys,
I’m using smartthings wifi 3 pack as my home router/wifi. I had 1 dead spot in my house and wanted to buy an extra smartthings wifi, but accidentally got a smarththings hub v3. I added it in my smartthings app as a network extender, but it doesn’t seem it’s extending my wifi signal at all.

So my question is, can I use the hub v3 as a repeater at all? If not, can I set it up as the main hub and use the other 3 wifis as repeaters? Or should I just try to sell it off and get another smartthings wifi module?

thanks in advance

I made this same mistake. The v3 doesn’t work with the mesh system at all.

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Hub v3 has no wifi capabilities.

sell it off and get another ST wifi module

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It has a Wi-Fi radio, unlike the V2, but it cannot participate in the Wi-Fi mesh network.

The only 2 hub models which can build a Wi-Fi mesh are the original “smartthings connect home“ which has been discontinued, and the current “Samsung smartthings Wi-Fi with plume.“ and you cannot mix and match these with each other, as they use different Wi-Fi mesh architecture.

thanks a lot guys, I thought I was going crazy. The naming of these products could be more straight forward.


Correct, it can connect to WiFi, it cannot broadcast.

I know this won’t matter to anybody else, but since I was a network engineer…

It can definitely broadcast, that’s how it connects to Wi-Fi. It just can’t help establish a WiFi mesh network, which is a different function.

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