Exporting ST data after groovy

Prior to 2023, most of the data capture projects used a groovy smartapp, which will no longer be available. Here are a few options that do work with the new architecture. Feel free to add more if you are aware of any.

Note that most of these will require that you get an authorization token for your account, and then share it with a third-party site, so read privacy policies carefully and proceed at your own risk.

  1. influxDB smartapp replacement.
  1. constant Graph.
  1. official app feature

Depending on where you live and the model of your phone, you may have an energy reporting feature in the smartthings app. Smartthings calls this a “service.“ it should be available under the “LIFE“ tab in the app if it’s available to you. I don’t think it has an export option, but it does show you usage overtime.