Data capture from Smartthings sensors

I would like to capture data from various sensors so that I can paste them into a spreadsheet. I find a limited number of data in the sensor’s “History” but I haven’t been able to figure out a way to copy them. Any suggestions?

There are many old integrations to DBs you prefer Google Spreadsheet, Influx , Event Hub …
but they are based on the onsolete Groovy platform,
And I haven’t heard of any event capturing application based on the new architecture, while that should be pretty common usecase

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You might find the History API useful. I am always reluctant to mention undocumented API endpoints but in this case there are mixed messages as it has been available in the Core SDK since forever.

The basic URL is{{LocationID}}&deviceId={{deviceID}} but I think there are filters that can be applied.


I don’t have a whole home energy meter but I would be interested in testing your application with a temperature sensor I have in my home. In a way it’s related to energy savings in that I’m monitoring my attic temperature during the day while operating a whole-house fan. Typically I would operate the fan when the outside air temperature is at or below my inside air temps. But I’ve also discovered that even when the outside air is higher, at say 95 degrees F, my attic temperature rises above 130. The intake to my fan is in a bathroom with a window to the outside so I can turn on the fan, open the window and close the door thereby allowing the 95 degree air to only be drawn straight to the attic. This lowers the attic temperature and theoretically keeps the conditioned part of the house cooler. I’ve monitored the change in attic temperature with my Smartthings system but it requires hand input of the data to a spreadsheet. Your idea sounds like it might be a great solution for me.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I just starting using ConstantGraph mostly for temperature monitoring today. It was very straightforward to setup and seems to be working well so far.

Thanks for tipping constantgraph.
Just created a constantgraph account to try it out. I’m interesting in logging data and se data as graphs- It does look like that constantgraph can do the job.

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