Explanation of each function?

Im wondering if there is a description of what each function does. I’ve been using it for about a year and some of them I just don’t really understand what they might do different (or why they exist). I’m thinking is there a list that would do this:

Is (are): compares thing against the defined state, is true for as long as that thing is in the state. Will not trigger piston.
Is any of (are any of): compares the thing against multiple defined states.
Is not (are not): same as above but…
Is not any of (are not any of): xxxxxxx
Did not change…

Hope this makes sense. I am surprised I’ve never seen it. Sometimes when building or trouble shooting a piston I just can’t tell if it is doing the correct thing. I.E. biggest for me is usually the ‘was’ state. I always get the ‘was’ open for 15 seconds confused with ‘stay’ in the last 15 seconds and sometimes have issues getting the piston to work properly.

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start with the webCoRE wiki page

if you have any questions, check out the webCoRE community forum https://community.webcore.co

My bad, wrong forum. Didn’t realize there was a dedicated one for Webcore now. I was thinking it was the sub-forum. I’ll check it out.

I’ve tried searching and have never found a true list. Any code engine comes with a manual that explains all the functions in it, I wonder if there is the same. The Wiki does explain the boolean and other logic but doesn’t explain what gates these commands are trying to mimic.

Sorry to revive such an old thread, but were you ever able to find such a list?

I’ve been looking everywhere for some simple definitions or “use cases” for each of the specific Triggers and Conditions since I first started using WebCore like 2+ years ago…