All or one in an automation

If I have a device that I have three separate, independent things that have their own IF condition that have nothing to do with each other’s results, should I have them in their own piston, or is it ok to put them all in the same piston under their own IF condition? Is there any lag if they were all to be put in the same piston? Just thinking to clean things up and making things easier to find when it’s related to the same device.

You said piston so I assume you are talking about WebCoRE.

Your answer is… It depends.

When a trigger happens in a piston it triggers the ENTIRE piston from the top, then executes through using a snapshot of your device status at the time of the trigger so…

If your individual triggers are ok running that way, theres no harm putting them in the same piston.

However if they’re not really related or if they may retrigger and cause recursive entry into the piston you may find it easier to follow the flow of theyre separate.