Existing Sprinkler System

I had a brilliant idea to use half of my mimo2 to monitor the water sensor with the input and turning it off using one of the relays. Breaking one of the sensor wires. I worked all day to find out the water sensor is 24v ac, However when testing it the sensor when the ordinary 2 wire sprinkler sensor everyone hasA opens the circuit it doesnt let go off all the voltage hanging on to anywhere from 14-21 volts. This making it impossible to use on a pilot relay to see if sensor is open and not going to allow sprinklers to run.
I thought well maybe its my 3 year old sensor the micro switch is getting bad. Went bought a brand new one to find the same thing.
Anyone know of a water sensor that is truley open/close? Tried the Hunter mini-click and Orbit 91069 both just simple 2 wire open/close sensors but when they open they dont open all the way.

This project was going to be sweet, I was going to be able to check the system to see if it turned of naturally by the rain and if not I could do it. Turning it off and on is easy but monitoring the natural rain sensor is the problem.

Shane is it just a true rain reading you need?
For a simple rain sensor on/off relay have a look here:

How to tell if it's raining or snowing (Without looking outside!)

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So a cheap “weather aware” hack that I used before getting a rachio, a wemo outlet that I plugged into the sprinkler power cord. Using IFTTT recipe, you can check the weather, if rain is in the forecast power off the switch. If sun is in the forecast power on. Your sprinkler controller likely has a battery to retain time and schedule info so its not lost during power down. Not sure if this is what you were trying to accomplish, hope this helps.

I am working on an irrigation project as well using a MIMO2+ for control.
It is my plan to operate a valve and a very small pump with Relay 1 & 2.
Control would be by using the sig1 input with a moisture sensor attached that
gives a 0 to 3 volt output,
I have see what I think you are describing above. It is a moisture sensor that can be attached to a small relay.
The relay has a potentiometer on board to adjust the open - close set point. This should be able to accomodate the voltage that operates the sprinkler valve.

Cheers, KH

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What I ended up doing is getting a wireless rain sensor. When it detects rain, it sends signal to the wireless controller which has a relay. This powers threw mimo 2 B side NC back to a double pole 24v relay that one pole is dedicated for dry input on mimo 2 B side NO on relay. This way if sensor turns sprinkler off naturally from rain the input changes green closed. (Orange open indicates to me sun) and if raining and still see orange sun dot (open) I can override the sprinkler sensor input with relay on mimo2. This is day one so far so good. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I would like to see the moisture sensor. What could I search to find that exact one on internet. Thanks for your help.