Exclusive: What the new SmartThings update for 60 million users brings

hmm, the headline is a bit click-baity since it’s very light on any meaningful details. The Philips Hue Sync integration seems interesting. I wonder if it means Samsung TV’s with support it without the Sync box?


So the app will be updated to work with new Android versions and new Samsung mobile devices. It will also work with Hue Sync to do stuff that doesn’t have an immediately obvious connection to SmartThings at all.


@Automated_House, have you said clickbait?

Have a look at this:

And then answer the following question:

When was the last time when you saw a SmartThings compatible car?


Otherwise, I thought this was an exclusive!

I’m saying it now: post Matter, the ST app features are going to be driven by Samsung Services and what Samsung smart television users want. (Which includes Hue Sync.)

ST hub users are going to be a tiny fraction of the user base.

JMO, obviously. :thinking:

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I thought the BeSpoke fridge users are going to drive it with those screens. And the next exclusive is going to be, Samsung ends contract with One Drive and the new Galaxy Cloud will be availible for 2 years, free of charge, for any BeSpoke fridge users, to store your holiday photos what you want to share on the fridge. (Of course, after 2 years you will need to buy a new BeSpoke fridge or you will be unable to display any photos on the screen.)

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if you are afraid of that, skip the screen version and personalize the panels with your own images then you can keep the fridge until it dies

except you are stuck with the set images for the life on the fridge :slight_smile:


Yeaaah… it must worth 500 USD, until someone will not sue Samsung for copyright infringements…

I stick with a normal one. But besides the custom one the general idea is nice for the different colors etc. to make it better fit to your kitchen. You don’t need a carpenter then to make it built in one.

The whole idea to have a screen on a fridge, especially if it runs a software like Tizen, is just a really bad idea.

If you know a success story of any Tizen device that users didn’t regret after a year or two, when all the services were pulled off and nobody developed any useful application for it, then please let me know.

Watch S3
Ran Tizen, worked fine, had loads and loads of excellent user developed watch faces, Watch S4 runs wear O/s Samsung google mish mash, terrible watch faces and no one developing for it

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I have an S3 Frontier, and it disappointed me with the software/hardware mix. The barometric pressure sensor stopped working a while ago, and it was blamed on a software update as it just happened after one of them. Randomly starts to work for a short period of time. Then after another update it started to work again for a few days, then stopped working, and works time to time, but most of the time not.
I didn’t waste my time to try to send it to repair, because the Samsung forum were full of posts about the same issue. People turn their watch off and send it for repairing. In the repair center the watch works as normal, no issue with the sensor so no fix on it, maybe they reinstall the current firmware and that’s it. Then when returned the watch fails again in a 24hour period…

The S4 has seriously bad reviews regarding battery life.

Maybe i was am lucky my S3 was faultless and now has a new battery, my S4 has no battery issues and gets extreme levels of enviroment changes but keeps going, its faster and smoother but better… not really, the S3 had a better way of operation

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Close enough? :wink:

I have Android Auto, I am not talking about that.

I am talking about this part of the article:

The South Korean tech giant announced that users would be able to start and stop the engine of compatible cars using the SmartThings service. They can check their cars’ status and do things like turning on the AC before stepping in.

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That would be interesting.

Curious how’d they would get a phone to mimic the token in the smart fobs.

My GMC app can’t even do that, other than starting the car remotely.

Lots of cars have remote start access apis as well as other remote features these days. I imagine these integrations would gonthat route. I’ve been wanting away to read the data from my car. Miles gas tank. Doors lock / unlock. Windows open.

Only platform that can do it currently for Toyota is HA. I’d love to smart things add this.

The watch 4 battery life definately is not as good as my watch 3. However it does last me through a 16 hour day. Which is all I need. Charge once a day.

Functionality wise I the new wear os does everything my older tizen watch did. Biggest annoyance was that stuff bought for the older tizen system do not work with wear os.

There are many other integrations which allows remote data access to the car from HA. There is a custom component for FordPass, and OnStar2Mqtt for GMC vehicles. It shouldn’t be too hard to put together any integration for the known APIs, like SmartCar.

But to go back to SmartThings, that articles was from January 2021. And since I haven’t seen any news about SmartThings compatible cars for remote start or access to them by a Samsung Mobile phone.

Samsung had other ideas as well before join in the mobility industry, like this OBD2 device:

It hit the news, but hasn’t reached any further…

Otherwise what brand of car are you looking for? There were a few topics about Ford Remote Access and FordPass, both had some solutions for it.

The second topic has a reference to a Node project and a AWS-Lambda solution as well.


My guess (just a guess) is that the new features will require all the same hardware that is required today, but we will get new automation options. Maybe we will even get the ability to include Phillips hue scenes in a smartthings routine, which would be excellent. :sunglasses: (you can get to the scenes through Ifttt, so I don’t think it’s an issue with the Philips hue API.)