Ford Remote Access NOT FORDPASS

Anyone know of a way to integrate Ford Remote Access with SmartThings?

Hi - I am working on a device integration for Ford’s new transportation mobility cloud by Autonomic. That will link to vehicle modems. The fordremoteaccess cloud is their legacy cloud so an integration to it isnt possible. Check out the new cloud at


Good luck on your work with the newer system. Why is integration not possible with my system?
I just want 2 things.
Start the car each morning at a scheduled time.
Lock the doors each night at a scheduled time.

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Because there isn’t an api

Thank you for that

I start my Silverado with Alexa. I’m pretty sure I saw one in there for Ford too.

There may not be a “published” api, but I have seen apps that you just inspect the html page and you can find the rest calls. Have you looked?

Same question for @Jeff_H

First, I should probably tell you all that I work for Ford in my day job, so I have some insight into this and can find out more pretty easily as needed. Older Fords have 3G modems in Lincolns and electrified vehicles and these use a separate back end framework than our new vehicles. Newer vehicles have 4G modems and can talk to Ford Pass. The best way to connect to a 4G equipped Ford is to use the Ford Pass app. This app uses the Autonomic written TMC to control the vehicle - unlock doors, start car, get location, etc. Our vision is other apps will use this open ecosystem to do all sorts of connected car tasks, including linking to smart homes (this is something I am working on). Unfortunately none of this works with the legacy cloud back end. There are legacy apps that can do similar tasks like lock and unlock and start but the API isn’t documented and it isn’t extendable to other tasks like smart home integration. I don’t even know if it is exposed for third party use. My guess is it isn’t. I will find out.

As for Alexa, there is a Ford+Alexa and a Lincoln+Alexa app that are identical - just branded differently. Using this app query Alexa from your vehicle when your phone is tethered. I think this same app can lock/unlock, start, and query battery life of xEV ford vehicles, but I will need to confirm that.

Let me know what you are trying to do, what type of modem you have in your vehicle, and I will look into what options exist for you.


Hi kewashi
I have the DL3Z-19A390-B add on accessory modem, it is controlled the phone app or by web browser
I have the $50 a year subscription through Spindance to operate the modem.
I am interested in any information that you can share.

And Eric, no I haven’t tried, not sure I know how to do what you mention.


[edit] more info from Ford…
I asked my colleague who oversees all vehicle connectivity efforts at Ford about this. He said this is a legacy smart phone based remote start system sold a few years back. This system does not connect to either of the Ford cloud ecosystems that I mentioned. It is a third party product that uses a private cloud. The official Ford position is we don’t support third party plugin modem solutions like this. Now, if I take my Ford hat off for a moment, as a hobbyist I will tell you that I think an api solution should be provided given the cost of this system. Maybe you can contact the seller and ask if you still have their info.

I also confirmed that there is not an API. You might be able to reverse engineer the REST endpoints as was mentioned. I couldn’t find any other info or documentation for this system. I was also told that it only supported remote start, lock, unlock, and honk. Current solutions also provide vehicle health data and more.

Sorry I didn’t have better news for you. Soon you will be able to get a plug-in that connects to our new supported cloud so you can use Ford Pass and my forthcoming smart home device.

There are some newer third party plugin devices like Automatic that do provide an open API.

Thank you kewashi

Happy I could help. The connectivity team is looking into options for bridging this legacy system into the current ecosystem. No promises but it could be better news later.

How do we know if a car has the features of the new platform? 2018 Edge…

You can ask the dealer if it has a 4G modem in it, but I can tell you too. I’m pretty sure the new Edge does but I will confirm for you. stay tuned.

I’m very interested in trying to tap into my Ford Pass… My 2018 F150 definitely has the onboard modem…

As long as your vehicle is 2010+ you could also replace your legacy remote start with Ford SmartLink:

I’m not sure if this uses the same cloud as the 2017+ vehicles with integrated modems, but being a new solution there is likely to be more development.

Just called my dealer. They never heard of SmartLink.

I just got a new 2018 Ford Edge for my wife and the app says I have to go back to the dealer and buy something. Forget that. Buying this car was the worst experience of my life.

See the “New User” box at the bottom.

That’s because you don’t use smart link. You should just need to register the vehicle in ford pass that it will ask you on the sync 3 (if it has it) inside the car to bind the vehicle with the app

I did that. Only works while connected via usb. No remote start in the app.