Exciting new Smartthings feature (SmartThings Pet)

Not checked automations yet but …
Definitely not filling in pet bio, spam mail foder me thinks

I like the idea behind it, but unless you own the $1300 USD Jet Bot AI+ vacuum, I don’t get the point. There’s some major shortcoming for me since I don’t own that beast of a robot:

  1. Automations can only be done based on fixed time. Why not tie to Location Mode? Location Mode really seems to be underutilized in general by the Samsung devs.
  2. Half of my lights don’t show up to choose for the light automation
  3. Can only add one pet
  4. Why is the pet info needed at all? It isn’t used in the app beyond setup. Data mining?

Hmm, yeah let’s forgo all the bug fixes, parity from the older apps, functionality/usability improvements, and who knows what else I’m forgetting, for this?


It feels more of a Korean Market type thing

@fido How do you make automation when there is a motion, your dog barks, at 50%, and when someone pushed the doorbell to barks at 100%?

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That’s where we need an Edge driver that includes pet variables dependant on breed, woof levels and retrievability

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That’s the look of a failed pairing and a cat who does NOT want you to put your finger there again !

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Did you use "Scan Nearby”? Did you try reset?

Oops, i can’t have a pet, i have riched 200 limit

When I saw this it made me angry at ST. I just thought there are several other issues they can fix or add to the system that would benefit many than the 5 rich people who are still running ST.

Angry user, for sure.

No don’t be angry, there are all sorts of teams working on ST for lots of geographic regions, each with differential needs, this app is just one of a long line of plug in style items.

It may appear ST are creating things we don’t need but in reality it’s simply created by a team somewhere who felt the plugin would be of use

ST no doubt understand multiple changes are needed elsewhere, let’s hope the next version is good

And if you want to keep the dogs calm while your out just ask Alexa to play dog calming music

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I was playing with this and noticed that in the Home alone mode you have the option to Turn on Light Bulb. When I select that option my only choices are device groups (which are not available for use in any other automations) so I can’t just pick a single lamp. :laughing:

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