Resetting Hue Bulbs that are Connected to a Hue Bridge so they can be moved to a new Bridge/Hub?

I know there are a ton of threads on this, but I haven’t found a definitive answer.

I have a Philips Gen 2 Bridge with around 30 something Color and white gen 1 and gen 2 Hue bulbs.

I need to reset all of them and connect them to a different hub/bridge (not Phillips)

I do not have a remote control to do this, and I do not want to buy one.

Will performing a factory reset on the Phillips Bridge also reset the bulbs so they can be repaired?


The factory reset on the bridge won’t help in this case.

It’s going to come down to some small details.

Does the new hub/bridge support touch link? That is, is it using the ZLL touchlink commissioning?

If so, it’s pretty easy to “steal” the bulbs from the old Phillips hue bridge and connect them to the new ZLL network.

However, if the new bridge/hub is using the ZHA profile instead, it’s a more complex procedure. You don’t need a special device, but you do need a laptop.

Follow the method in the following thread, and you can get your current hue bridge to issue the touchlink commands to factory reset the individual bulbs.

At that point you can pair them to either a new ZLL bridge or to a new ZHA hub.

Note that this method will only work if you have a Hue bridge which can communicate with the bulbs, which means the bulbs were previously on a ZLL channel, not a ZHA channel which is not part of the ZLL subset.

So as long as your bulbs are currently associated to a Phillips hue bridge, you’re going to be fine.

But this method may or may not work for anyone who has bulbs directly associated to a smart things hub without using the bridge, that’s a whole different situation.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a shot. They are all connected to the gen 2 Phillips bridge.

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Then you should be fine using @zonomo 's method. :sunglasses:

I forgot to mention, if you have any choice, if the new device is ZHA and you can change the zigbee channel, put it on one of the ZLL channels: 11, 15, 20, or 25. That way if you ever decide you want to move the bulbs back off of the new coordinator onto a hue bridge you will be able to. Otherwise they could get stuck and you might need a new device to reset them again. :disappointed_relieved:

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That’s pity cause I bought a Lutron Connected Bulb Remote and applied the SOP from Samsung ( and it worked fine.
That’s a cheap investment and you can still use it as a remote in ST so all good.

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