Excessive Notifications

(Wamble J) #1

I have setup my garage door to notify me every time it opens (using the multi as a tilt sensor on the garage). It worked great for a few months and recently has started giving me weird notifications. I always get one when it opens, but then I also get one when it closes. Sometimes I even get 2 or 3 extras. In the activity feed I see Opening, Open, Closing, and Closed. This sounds correct. But then 2 minutes later it shows the “contact” is open and then closed. I do not even have the contact sensor in use on this sensor. ANy thoughts on why this would be happening? Thanks.

(Emily Allen) #2

Thanks @wamblej. We’re aware that some people are experiencing this issue and are working on a fix now.

(Cory S) #3

@emilyallen Do you guys have adding collapsible notifications on your roadmap? SmartThings dominates my notification screen more times than not. Group them together would be a real treat.

(Emily Allen) #4

Not that I’m aware of Cory, but I can certainly bring it up.

(King) #5

Emily, Can you detail what the problem was? This seems to be resolved now, but would be nice to understand what happened.



(Greg) #6

Mine was doing this too, it seems fixed now. However it is still occasionally showing open when it is in fact closed. Which stinks.

(Wamble J) #7

Mine had fixed until recently. It has been triggered by wind lately. I figured it wouldn’t do this because it would require tilting to register as opened. But when the wind is blowing I get an open notification every minute. Any suggestions on how to correct this?

(Greg) #8

This issue was fixed for me for a week or so, but it is back. I notified support. I’m not having issues with wind on my garage door multi. But I get one notification when it’s opening. Then when I close it I get closed open closed in rapid succession.

(King) #9

Yes, same. having double notifications again. Strange. I wonder if its how some have their sensor mounted on the door. I’m thinking of looking at how I have mine mounted.


(Greg) #10

Mine is mounted vertically - pretty sure how that’s how it was shown in the video of how to do it. In the activity feed it shows activity for the contact opening and closing even though the contact isn’t anywhere near the multi. I assume those are the extra pushes I’m getting.

(Hank) #11

How did you all set it up for the garage sensing?

(Greg) #12


(Greg) #13

I’m still having issues with this. Multiple open and close notifications when I open or close my garage door. Occasionally they come through so fast that the app incorrectly says the door is still open (things and dashboard views) meanwhile I’m looking at it and I can see it’s closed.

I’ve notified support and they say they are still working on it.