Example SmartApp for existing device controlled via Arduino message

(Mark S Groves-Zen Studios) #1

There are several examples of SmartApps sending messages to the Arduino Things shield and in response Arduino performs some action like opening a garage door or turning on a coffee pot.

How do you accomplish the reverse?

A device connected to the Arduino triggers an Arduino input. Arduino responds by sending a message to the cloud. A SmartApps receives and processes the message. Up to this point I am fairly clear.

This next step is where I need example SmartApp code.
In response to received message SmartApp sends command to SmartThings controlled device.

(Ben Edwards) #2

Sounds probable. Flagging for @urman.

(Mark S Groves-Zen Studios) #3

I believe It is the same code SmartThings uses to talk to a device assuming it is SmartApps driven.
P.S.I enjoy your developers videos.