Can one Thing retrieve the status of another Thing?

Specifically, I want to create an arduino-based Thing that can access and trigger events on other devices, much like the mobile apps.

You would probably need to create a SmartApp middleman. A SmartApp is (currently) the only way to get access to what is happening on other devices.

Thank you. I just found their SmartApp example for toggling a switch with an http call, and that appears to show how it might be done.

Can I access a smartApp directly from device code? That is, can I write something in a device handler that accesses a smartApp?

@ultralame Wow, I just opened a thread about this exact same thing. I’ve gotten the app to work pretty smoothly it’s just not the most efficient way (some times there are delays).

I did it by subscribing to the attribute from Arduino. From there I triggered an event within the app calling a command on a secondary device (in my case fake devices).

def initialize() {
	// TODO: subscribe to attributes, devices, locations, etc.
    subscribe(shield, "hallMotion", hallMotion)
def hallMotion(evt) {
    //log.debug "${shield.label ?:} has motion"
    //log.debug shield.latestValue("hallMotion")
    //log.debug zone4.latestValue("motionSensor")
    if (evt.value == "Active") {
		// "Motion Active"
        else if (evt.value == "inActive") {
		// "delay ${motionDelay}"
        runIn ( motionDelay, motionInActive, [overwrite: true]) // Schedule to lock the door