eWeLink Zigbee Switch not recognized as light switch

Are we talking about the little summary tiles on the Favourites and Room pages? I’ve been having a poke around with those (this thread) and the Lights tile seems to be limited to devices that are categorised as lights or smart plugs. I suspect your Minis may be categorised as switches. It actually gets a bit more complicated than that as there are at least three ways of categorising devices and the tile seems to respect the documented way when it comes to adding new devices to the tile group, and a different method which not all devices support when it comes to settings. So you can end up with devices stuck in the group whether you like it or not, and others that you want to add but can’t. Unfortunately the third way, which is a side effect of assigning icons to the devices and is the only one an end user can influence, doesn’t seem to be respected at all.