Ewelink cast

hi just noticed ewelink has a cast feature that can cast a dashboard to anything with a web browser, would it posible to make something similar for smartthings it would be nice to have it on my lg tv.thanks

Can you share a link where this feature is discussed to get more details about it, please?
I don’t understand what’s the expected behavior, for example, “if you click on a button, this must happen”

Introducing eWeLink Cast - a whole new way to control devices on touch screens - eWeLink.
sorry should have put a link

so the smartthings dashboard could be used on a tv other that samsung via a browser

EWeLink Cast is intended for devices with touchscreens, which most televisions don’t have. :thinking:

Were you looking for something to display on a TV screen and control with a cursor? Because there are already several web browser based options for SmartThings that should work in that setup, including the official my.SmartThings.com , and third party optIons like ActionTiles and SharpTools.


What specifically did you like about the eWeLink offering? Maybe it already exists for SmartThings. :sunglasses:

thats just what i was looking for thank you

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my.smartthings.com is in beta versión for a long time and cannot perform these basic functions:

  • It cannot handle the child components of multi-component devices.
  • You cannot execute commands in any custom capability
  • You do not have access to view or change preference settings
  • Existing routines cannot be viewed or edited
  • Only has access to groovy smartApps