New ST app no longer supports Linear WS15Z-1: Z-Wave Wall Switch

I have a boatload of Linear WS15Z-1: Z-Wave Wall Switches, which were one of the few available models supported by ST in 2015 when I automated the house and had worked fine in the old app. As I added devices and my setup evolved, I realized I could no longer add this switch - Linear as a brand does not seem to be anywhere in the new ST app (a few switches are still showing from earlier setup, but new ones cannot be added). Given the fact these were $70/piece at that time, I would like to leverage my investment, if possible - is there any way to add these switches to the mix (ideally through ST, but even if via third-party app that talks to Google Assistant)? ST customer support emailed saying they will add it to the queue of devices to be supported in future versions - as vague as it gets. Not sure if they are asking me to leave my lights on (or off) for a few months - I tried to clarify, but did not get a clear answer :slight_smile:

Choose the z-wave brand.


And they should use the default ZWave Switch DTH

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