Evolve 3 way switch question

(Acastal) #1

I have the evolve lrm-as and the evolve accessory switch LTM-5 with a direct association and working. I am moving and leaving all of the wall switches in the house. Do I need to leave the 3 way switches included to the controller to keep them associated to each other? Or can I exclude them and they will still talk? I know with the controller powered off they are still working while still included.

(Acastal) #2

I asked Evolve and this is their reply (answer is No they will not still talk after excluding them):

Chris replied:

If both are removed from the network, the LRM would still control the circuit but the LTM would no longer be able to communicate with the LRM (and therefore will not control the circuit). The new owners would need a new hub/network to associate the switches.


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(DavidK) #3

Why exclude them when leaving? Why not leave them as is?

If you exclude them from your controller after the controller is physically in a new location, like the new house, the devices would be off of your controller, but still associated and working at the old house.

(Acastal) #4

That’s what I ended up doing. I wanted to exclude them so the next owner, if desired, could include them with their controller. Maybe there is a way to reset them if they are included on a different controller.

(DavidK) #5

Hopefully someone can confirm, but I think you can exclude a device (and reset the device) from any controller, it does not have to be a controller that it was previously joined to.