Everything is dodgy from iOS

Yes all of sudden nothing seems to be working right from my iPhone six. Things constantly show on even if they are off and it will not let me turn on or off from the iOS. Oddly my waterfall lights always show on, but the routine actually is still triggering it on and off, but can not manually do it… Same for my kitchen lights… All was working perfectly until a week ago any help would be greatly appreciate!

I’m seeing similar things too.

For example:

  1. Events that show under the recent tab don’t unless you leave the device and return to the recent tab. Triggering on/off only show if you exit the device.
  2. Status doesn’t update. You can trigger the device fine. You just can’t trust the status without manually refreshing (along with exiting and re-entering the device).
  3. Replace device no longer works. It says the hub is unresponsive. The hub works for everything else, just fails for replace.