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Every light came on at 4am!

(Jlkamp) #1

Has anyone else had every light come on? For no reason! And being 4 am made it even better:rage:

(Bernie H) #2

Are they smart bulbs or switches or both? The reason I’m asking is a power outage even if short can cause smart bulbs to turn on when the power comes back up.

(sidjohn1) #3

Check the logs to find out why.

(Benji) #4

As mentioned, if they are smart bulbs and not smart switches, like the GE Link, Cree Connected, etc. If they lose power or dips, even for a fraction of a second, they will turn on.

If that’s the case, it’s not SmartThing’s fault.

(Jlkamp) #5

Ever since the android update, I am having issues with lights not turning off, different switches showing on when it’s not. It’s not power drops or dips. I think there is a bug in the app.

(Benji) #6

This is different to the problem you initially described.

(Community Journeyman) #8

I don’t think your problems have anything to do with the app. I think SmartThings is having Server problems. I’m experiencing similar issues.

(David Wood) #9

I’ve been having the lights come on at around 10pm CST. This would be about 4am in the UK. Are you living in the UK by any chance?

(Jlkamp) #10

No, in the midwest. The last 24 hours have seemed normal now.