Everspring SE812 Alarm Setup

(Chad Wise) #1

Hi All - would like some assistance with setting up an Everspring SE812 alarm. I know it’s not officially supported but based on some threads that I’ve read, some of you fine folks have it working fine. I initially paired it and it came up as a switch…but I can’t turn it on or off. So I went into the API and changed it to “Alarm capability” and still had no luck. Then tried SmartAlert Siren…strike 3. Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

(Satinder) #2

I have the same problem. Changed the device type to Smart Siren on the IDE. On the app, I cannot get any of the ocns - Test, Strobe, Siren etc to do anything.

I am sure people have got this working and someone could provide some insight.


(Christian Dyer) #3

I just bought one of these too. Any update? I’m totally new and I am trying to get mine to work as a siren not a lamp.

(T) #4

Mine also came up as a switch. Be good to be able to use the capabilities if anyone can help.

(Christian Dyer) #5

I just emailed smart things support and they had it fixed on the back end in no time at all. Very helpful! just send them an email mine now shows up as a siren, not a switch.

(Chad Wise) #6

Does it actually work as a siren? I’ve changed mine in the Graph API from a switch to a siren, but it still won’t trigger / act as a siren. Do you know how to use the Graph API? If so, what did they switch it to, and can you confirm that it actually triggers when you attempt to set it off?

(Christian Dyer) #7

I’m not sure what they did but it actually shows up as a siren now and it triggers with smart apps that use alarm and if I turn it on manually. I didn’t switch anything. They did it in the back end.

(Todd Ellison) #8

Hello, everyone. I recently got my Smart Things system up and several different devices. Didn’t have much trouble except for the EverSpring Alarm. I was able to pair it, not problem, however, the alarm’s red light keeps flashing off and on, and I get a beep ever 10 seconds or so. In the instructions it says it means the device hasn’t been paired or something to that affect. Should I just be able to pair it without doing anything special other than setting up some events? I don’t have all my door/window sensors in yet so was waiting to get them in to setup some alerts using the alarm.

Any help is appreciated.


Compatible Sirens

Step 1 - Pair your siren with your Smart Things application.

Head to the Smart Things application and select “Things” .
Pair the siren.

Back in the application, there should now be a new “unknown device” in green. Hit the back button to return to the “Things” view.

You should now see your new device there, but it will be labeled as a switch. This will cause problems when trying to sound the alarm from the actions of other Smart Things. Luckily, we can change how our Smart Things Hub views our devices. If you see you Siren as a switch, then :

Step 2 - Edit your Siren online.

On the internet browser of your choice, head to ide.smartthings.com. Then sign in with your existing username and password.
Select “Devices”. This will show a list of all Smart Things associated with your account. Select your Siren. It will still have its default name unless you changed it previously.
Scroll to the bottom and select “edit”.
Select the “type” dropdown box and select SmartAlert Siren.
Select “Update”.

This makes your hub believe that the Everspring alarm is now the SmartAlert Siren. It will now show up in your smart apps that are compatible with the SmartAlert Siren.