Events not sent to a specific smartapp?

I have created a new little app to work as a timer for my pool pump; it works fine controlling the pump switch, but it doesn’t seem to be properly notified about events.

The app does…

subscribe(app, appTouch)

…as several other apps I have; appTouch immediately does a log.debug before a few other things:

def appTouch(evt) {
    log.debug "appTouch: $evt, $settings"

…but in my logs I never see the appTouch handler being called - even if I can see the touch listed as an app event:

22 Jun 2014 14:53:54 APP touch Pool Pump Timer was touched

Other apps I have do exactly the same thing, and they seem to be working fine.

I also tried subscribing the same app to device events (like to a switch going on or off), but the app seems to be oblivious to those events as well…

I’m a little puzzled about why this smartapp is behaving this way, as I don’t see any difference with several others I have running properly; has anyone else seen a similar behavior?

Check this thread out. Seems Smartthings is having some issues.

Thanks; I went through it (admittedly, after I posted…); it may well be related, even if I wonder why that behavior seems to affect a specific (new) smartapp for me, rather than existing ones…

Take a look at this.

Yep; and it’s all working now; thanks!