Event Subscription with HTTP Post and Get Only?

Before I venture down this rabbit hole too deep. I am wondering is it possible to set up event subscriptions only using HTTP post and get through something like Postman?

If I’m not mistaken I will have to first create an app using the API to get a oauth token. Then I can use that to do my subscriptions.

I know I am probably missing something and that is why I am posting my question here what else am I missing. Is this even possible?

You would need to create an endpoint app or an OAuth integration to tell SmartThings where to send the events you would like to subscribe to.

Are there any work examples available to build of off?

In the Developer Programs > Tutorials section of the forum, you can find a sample to create a Simple SmartApp which contains samples of subscriptions:

Note: Remember this SDK is based on the Core SDK, so, in that repo, you can see which functions (requests) you can use. You’ll find them inside each endpoint: smartthings-core-sdk/src/endpoint at master · SmartThingsCommunity/smartthings-core-sdk · GitHub
This is important because there are different types of subscriptions as specified in the API reference.