Event Subscription Buttons

This is an inovelli switch with multiple buttons. I Subscribed as follows:

“sourceType”: “DEVICE”,
“device”: {
“componentId”: “main”,
“capability”: “",
“attribute”: "
“value”: “*”,
“stateChangeOnly”: true,
“subscriptionName”: “all_buttona”

and I get all the events, but I can not tell what button is pressed - it appears I get the same thing back no matter when button is pressed. I can distinguish between held and pressed, but no button number.

“eventTime”: “2020-10-28T22:33:12Z”,
“eventType”: “DEVICE_EVENT”,
“deviceEvent”: {
“eventId”: “8fe85648-196d-11eb-8dde-f9139c2e07db”,
“locationId”: “4c35da63-0f72-4faa-9da0-6141031aa65b”,
“ownerId”: “4c35da63-0f72-4faa-9da0-6141031aa65b”,
“ownerType”: “LOCATION”,
“deviceId”: “a0e7f82d-f57d-49e5-8f7c-f2b895cfbefa”,
“componentId”: “main”,
“capability”: “button”,
“attribute”: “button”,
“value”: “pushed”,
“valueType”: “string”,
“stateChange”: true,
“data”: {},
“subscriptionName”: “all_buttona”
How do I get the button number?

My guess is that you probably don’t. The ‘buttonNumber’ is a long standing fudge used to compensate for the button capability originally only having pressed and held values, and also to allow for multiple buttons to be handled with a single attribute instead of using composite devices. I am happy to be proved wrong, but I believe that ‘new’ integrations expect multiple buttons to be implemented as components.