Light colors and flashing

(Ed Meredith) #1

I am wondering if anyone has been able or if there is a way to set lights to flash or change to a certain color based on certain activities. I am imagining using this for an intruder alert while at home. I have a siren and I would have it set to go off while I am away but when I am home I want more than just the siren as it sounds similar to my smoke detctors and could be confusing to others in the house as to what alert is occurring. Eventually there will be glass break detectors and those would be utilized to trigger light flashing and the siren as well and possibly smoke detectors when activated would trigger light colors to illuminate an escape route in the event of a fire.

(Ben Edwards) #2

The platform supports flashing lights when an event occurs (search for flash in SmartSetup and you will see one such app) and colored lighting based upon specific scenarios (search hue in SmartSetup) but they are a bit restricted unless you want to write your own SmartApp using the developer tools.

(Ed Meredith) #3

Great! Thanks. I will try it out.