Can't Find SmartApp that Flashes Colored Lights

I’ve been moving over my devices and SmartApps over to my new hub which is more of a pain than I thought it would be, mostly because of the app update. It seems like some apps have been removed so I’m having issues recreating some things. Removing the search didn’t help either.

So I had this SmartApp setup that would flash a specific color for one second when a specific person would arrive home. If the light was already on it would change colors and change back. It had other options for triggers but this is what I had it set to do. Does anybody know where this app went?

I believe ‘the Flasher’ has been removed from labs, but here is the code:

@SBDOBRESCU The app I’m actually looking for flashes a different color. The Flasher app only turns the light off and on. I believe it may have been a Hue smartapp. For example, if I had the lights on and they are white, the lights would change to blue for 1 second and then change back to white when someone arrives home.

Unfortunately, some functionality of the “Notify with Hue” app has been lost. I also had custom alerts with hue that were timed (I think that’s what you’ve used too, right?)

My workaround to avoid keeping the lights on specific color is to reset the bulbs using a different action. I actually like it better now. So I have a Smart Light instance that turns the bulbs red when motion is detected at the front door, and another instance triggered by the open/close sensor, which it resets the color. You may be able to find something similar to reset your color?

If 1 second is very important to you, then you can go to IDE and install the old app. It’s still available as template for a “new smartapp”.

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@SBDOBRESCU Awesome. Thanks. I swear I searched for all the Hue apps but must have missed this one. Notify Me With Hue was the app I was looking for. I have basically all the lights in the house performing the notification and the state of each one depends on multiple modes and other things like a mood cube so doing a reset would be a complicated setup. Hopefully this app still works right for what I need.