Etekcity with Smartthings work around

(Andres Cortes) #1

You can setup these inexpensive smart plugs with Smartthings. They integrate with IFTTT.

  1. Create a Virtual Switch: In SmartThings app, head over to Automations > SmartApps > Scroll till the very bottom Add a SmartApp > Scroll till the very bottom + More > Scroll till the very bottom Virtual Device Creator .
  2. Select Virtual Switch ( and not Virtual Switch ) > Select the hub (recommended for local execution) > Give it a Name , e.g. “etekcity switch” > Save
  3. Enable this Switch for IFTTT (through SmartThings smart apps)
  4. Now head over to Routines in SmartThings app and enable this virtual switch to be turned ON/OFF based on how you like your routines.
  5. Head over to IFTTT and create a new applet with THIS as SmartThings trigger - choose the virtual Switch that you created, & THEN as Etekcity Turn ON notifications
  6. Create another IFTTT Applet for Turning Etekcity switch OFF, when switch is OFF

(Andres Cortes) #2

Vesync is where you would find the applet for etekcity smart plug in ITFFF


IFTTT is only a viable solution if a 5-10 second delay between activating the device and the device actually responding is tolerable. I could see using this solution to control christmas lights or the like but not a lamp or something similar. IFTTT just has too much of a lag and is too unresponsive to make it a viable middle-man solution.

(Andres Cortes) #4

I hear you, but that alternative is better than nothing.


Or just use a device supported by smartthings.

(Andres Cortes) #6

True but the keyword here is inexpensive.

(Andres Cortes) #7

Someone is working on the vesync light switch [RELEASE] Etekcity Vesync Smart In-Wall Wifi Light Switch API


Thanks for posting this tip. This is working surprisingly well for me. All my vesync outlets are responding in about 2 seconds.