IFTTT Flash Light/Switch Solved

Since I first saw the IFTTT integration with SmartThings I wanted more “Actions”. Instead of just turning something On or Off I wanted to flash lights or make other things happen in the SmartThings platform.

I have solved this by creating a new virtual device (On/Off Button Tile) combined with IFTTT, the “Flasher” app and the shared “Turn it off quick” app.

Here’s how to do this:

  1. Log into the IDE platform and create a new device. Fill out the Name, Label, Device Network Id (ie, VirtualButton01), Type (On/Off Button Tile) and Location. You will then see this new tile in the SmartThings App on your phone. You may have to refresh the app or log out/in to force the app to refresh. Then you can use this virtual switch with any of the smart apps.
  2. Then authorize IFTTT to control this new virtual switch.
  3. Create the IFTTT recipe you want with the “Action” of turning on the new SmartThings virtual switch. (I wanted to flash a light when I receive email).
  4. Install the “Flasher” app on your smart phone triggered by the new virtual switch and flashing your desired real switch/light.
  5. I use the “Turn it off quick” shared app to reset my virtual switch to the off position awaiting another IFTTT command.

Blinking light notifications are fun and drive your wife crazy :slight_smile: