ESPHome Integration (2020)?

Is anyone out there capable of working with ESPHome to create two way communication between ESPHome and smartthings?

I use both Home assistant and SmartThings. I have a bunch of sonoff switches flashed with ESPHome. but to integrate it into smartthings I found the best solution is a bandaid at best. I created a virtual switch in smartthings and I use a node red flow in home assistant to mirror the virtual switch to the real one. This unfortunatly causes a loop. I block it with a 1msg/sec rule, but none the less it is still sloppy.

I’m not 100% sure if the ESPHome yaml can be set up to communicate with other API’s or not. But it would be great if some smart person out there could work out how to do it.

Thanks for reading.

Just have them talk to one another via MQTT

This user has updated an old, but very good MQTT bridge

that is basically what i do already. I tried mqtt first actually with tasmota, there is one device handlering for it, but it didn’t poll smartthings properly to update the status in st. otherwise the problem is it runs a loop, I switch on the light, it tells smartthings to turn on the virtual switch, then it tells the light to turn on, which tells smartthnigs again… lol. it isn’t very elegant.

It would be nice is HA had two way communication with smartthings. but it doesn’t unfortunately.

the real trick would be like a handshake or something. for it to tell the light status and update it’s status without triggering another toggle command.

What type of device are you trying to link with ST? Have you looked at ST_Anything? That is an ESP8266/ESP8285/ESP32 integration for ST that supports multiple device types.

well, my goal is to have both the smartthings eco system and the home assistant ecosystem working together. If i flash my sonoff switches with ST_anything my home assistant could technically control the devices through smartthings. But there is one major draw back. if the cloud goes down, so do my switches.

I’d prefer to keep them running ESPHome, then if my network goes down I can still locally control the lights.

Thanks though, I may do some tinkering with ST_anything though.

What your really need is a ST/HA link.

well, yes and no. They are kind of linked. HA can control smartthings devices. but smartthings can’t control HA devices. not directly. the only solutions for that are indirectly. That’s the problem. And for me, if there was a device handler that worked with smartthings for ESPHome devices. that would solve my issue.

Or you could just change over to use ST. Anything. Either way, you have to write something…A DTH for ESPHome is going to be tough because ESPHome is based on MQTT.

Why would I change my firmware to something that relies on the cloud? My internet isn’t stable.

ESPHome actually isn’t based on mqtt.

I didnt come here to ask you what I should change my firmware to or how I should setup my smart home. I came here to ask if someone who could code would be willing to write a DTH.

Can you do it? No? Go kindly stop trying to help then.

To get ESP home integrated with ST will require the cloud no matter what firmware you use because custom DTHs run in the cloud. So, it doesn’t matter what firmware your board has, if you want to connect to ST you need the internet.

No wrong again. ESPHome relies on my network home assistant non cloud server. The DTH with smartthings would just be a convenience.

Like smartthings is for me right now, just a convenience. this guy wrote a mqtt server that uses the smartthings api to update the device status instantly. This was perfect, but it has a few issues for me.

It’s a windows program. It was good when I was running my stuff on an old laptop, but now I no longer do. I use a pi. It can be run on a pi, but it did not see the required cfg files.

It is a mqtt server. Meaning you have to use it as your mqtt server.

It uses mqtt. Which I want to get away from. ESPHome uses udp sync.

But there you go, an example for you to take and see that it isn’t impossible. Now please stop being unhelpful.

I was not talking about HA. This is the ST forum. I was talking about ST. Do you see Home Assistant anywhere in my post? No. Because it isn’t there, is it?

And having that kind of attitude will not get people to help you. Best of luck.

I think you should look at what this forum branch is called again… Integrations… you know to improve smartthings. to expand smartthings. not to make everything conform to smartthings, but to make smartthings encompass more then its own ecosystem.

Right from the start I have been talking about HA. I have not been asking for you’re opinion on how to change my smart home.

And frankly, I tried to let you down easy on the subject to start with. I’m not asking for help, I’m suggesting that an ESPHome integration would be beneficial to more then just me, many people run both HA and smartthings.

So please, can we get back on topic here?

Hi @cferguson. Cory arer you still interested in ESPHome integration?

If so, see Announcement - ESPHome for SmartThings

Please post there if you have an interest in any particular ESPHome devices.

Many Thanks Tim

Neat, but no. lol. I dont use smartthings anymore.