Esp8266 iot

Anyone have the knowledge to write a device-type for this? or smartapp. Looks really interesting.

Study other LAN device types like the Philips Hue Bridge (and that section of the online docs, of course).

There may be slightly more efficient protocols that are compatible with the Hub, but not sure… The examples I’ve seen are http: - REST-API based.

We’ve asked for, but not received, lower level simpler IP protocols like UDP or Telnet, and other useful stuff like Web Streams.

I have the $10 adafruit huzzah wifi esp8266 module…

I have it in my garage with two cheap $1 reed switches for the garage doors, a $1 PIR motion sensor and a $4 DHT22 temp/humidity sensor.

I’m running the arduino environment, super easy to make this tiny web server. I have one html webpage that shows status and a JSON page that I parse from my HomeGenie server currently

I played around with a SmartApp a couple months ago and it looked pretty easy to check status via a JSON page like this.

I’m waiting on a good SmartThings v2 hub package deal to make the switch…


Picture of my esp8266. I need to put it in a box :slight_smile:

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Hi Kevin,
Can you share device code? ESP8266 code?